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    Being Transparent: With Yourself, God, and Others
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Now Is The Time For Small Groups

January is the time for starting new traditions and habits.  In my case I am beginning two new small groups. One will be meeting at 4:00 PM on Sundays and another at 6:00 PM.  Both groups are by invitation only and after three weeks the groups will closed.  We have already met one time, agreeing on a covenant for the class.  

The covenant agreed upon included:  

  • Regular attendance is expected with exceptions being sickness and special personal situations.
  • If someone is going to be absent, they are expected to contact the facilitator (teacher).  Because growth in community life is so important, if several people are going to be absent, that particular group session will probably be cancelled
  • Filling out the weekly book questions in expected
  • This particular group is a level four group which is more intimate and in contrast to a level one, which is known as a "Chit-chat group".
  • Group participation is expected, although no one need be embarrassed.  
  • The length of this class will be approximately six months unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • Group members can expect to experience the fun and enriching of community bonding within a context of personal spiritual growth.

I am so excited!  You can experience the same thrill as you begin in faith with a pioneering spirit.  If you have any questions about the subject, book used as a text, methodology or other details, please contact me at this website.   

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